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The Gigantest Advantage

We are World-Renowned Metabolomics Experts Who Take Metabolomics To The Next Level.

Stable Isotope Labeling

Gigantest leverages the latest Metabolomics technologies, including stable isotope labeling, to provide next-level results and measurements. Our team includes some of the world's foremost experts in the field.

Top Tier Expertise & Collaboration

Gigantest not only provides metabolomics assessments and analytical services, but also helps collaborators with grant application/writing, consultation, project/experimental designs, and statistical analysis. We share our expert interpretation of the data and suggest next steps.

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What makes Gigantest the better choice? GigantestOther Providers
What makes Gigantest the better choice?
Provides panel of metabolites using metabolomics
Intellectual Contribution: project design, data interpretation, and identifying options for subsequent steps toward clinical implementation
Uses biomarkers for disease detection or other purposes
Defines the origin and path of telltale metabolites, increasing specificity and sensitivity of disease detection and treatment
Provides more in-depth and actionable results, leading to more personalized medicine
Fast, 1-week turnaround time
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