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Gigantest Revolutionizes Healthcare Testing with Next-Level Metabolomics

Licensed for Clinical Revolution and Trusted by Leading Institutions

Health Tests

You, your Employer, or your Healthcare Provider can order HealthieOne™, the world’s first consumer-accessible full-featured health panels for you to monitor your health. Are you a HealthieOne?

Metabolomics Assessments

We provide targeted metabolomics and global metabolic profiling, including stable isotope labeling on a wide range of samples.


We provide analytical services, such as drug and chemical detection and quantification. We customize solutions for each project.

Why choose Gigantest?

Next-Level Expertise & Capabilities

Gigantest distinguishes itself from other Metabolomics providers. In addition to providing metabolomics assessments, we: 

Media Center

Unraveling the Science of Pharmacokinetics

Explore the significance of pharmacokinetics in optimizing drug therapies, understand its role in drug development, and discover how Gigantest’s advanced pharmacokinetic services, led by a team of experts and cutting-edge technology, are revolutionizing the field, offering tailored solutions, precise dosing, clinical trial support, and data interpretation to enhance patient outcomes and reshape the landscape of modern medicine.

Nature Biotechnology: Single-cell metabolomics Roundtable

Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet engages in a conversation with Theodore Alexandrov and Anne Le, where they delve into the recent progress and techniques of single-cell metabolomics. This field primarily emphasizes the identification, comprehension, and interpretation of metabolites and lipids at the individual cellular level.