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Nature Biotechnology: Single-cell metabolomics Roundtable

Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet engages in a conversation with Theodore Alexandrov and Anne Le, where they delve into the recent progress and techniques of single-cell metabolomics. This field primarily emphasizes the identification, comprehension, and interpretation of metabolites and lipids at the individual cellular level.

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This Neurotransmitter Helps Aggressive Tumors Spread

New research has looked at human cancer cells implanted into mice, human tumor samples, and other assays in an attempt to better understand what drives the spread of certain aggressive cancers. Featured in Medical News Today

Cancer Cells Feed On Sugar-Free Diet

A new study shows that lymph gland cancer cells called B cells can use glutamine in the absence of glucose for cell replication and survival. Featured in Science Daily

Dr. Anne Le Team Identified Neurotransmitter That Helps Cancers Progress

Using human cancer cells, tumor and blood samples from cancer patients, Dr. Anne Le team uncovered the role of a neurotransmitter in the spread of aggressive cancers. Featured in Eureka Alert!

Dr. Anne Le Team Tracked Metabolic Pathways to Find Drug Combinations for Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Anne Le team tracked metabolic pathways heavily favored by cancer cells provides scientific evidence for combining anti-cancer drugs.

Information About Metabolomics

Unraveling the Science of Pharmacokinetics

Explore the significance of pharmacokinetics in optimizing drug therapies, understand its role in drug development, and discover how Gigantest’s advanced pharmacokinetic services, led by a team of experts and cutting-edge technology, are revolutionizing the field, offering tailored solutions, precise dosing, clinical trial support, and data interpretation to enhance patient outcomes and reshape the landscape of modern medicine.

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